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Rent a house or cabin with boat included

September 23rd | 2010


Rent a house or cabin with boat included

Cabins and boats with quality and comfort

It’s nice to be able to get to a finished decked board, whether it is a good meal or everything else that is made for well-earned vacation days in which all days are actually vacation and not just planning days.

An All in One Vacation in Laukvik, Senja, will almost be exactly like that!

Once you have booked your holiday here, we ensure that most of what you need for your stay is finished and ready to use once you have arrived. Your comfort and well being on holiday is of course an important factor and a high quality and equipment standards, all houses, cottages and boats ensures that vacation experience is optimal.

Boat included for every rental

When you rent an cabin or a house you get your own boat at your leisure during the holidays included in the rental price.

Standard boat in Sjøhytta cottage is a Kvernø 19 ft with 50 hp engine. In the Slettastua unit there is a Kvernø 22 ft, 115 hp with closed wheel house for 4 people included and in the Havblikk cabin there is a Kvernø 20 ft with 70 hp engine as a standard boat. All boats are ready at your disposal with chartplotter, sounder, GPS and life jackets.

This way you do not have to worry about the extra costs and time rental rates for boats to make deep inroads in the holiday budget.

You get in addition to each boat a custom-made fishing map that assigns good fishing places around Laukvik Senja far into Malangen.

All boats, including our extra boats, are carefully selected to ensure your safety at sea, and are large, spacious and well equipped. Further specifications of the boats can be found under “Prices”.

The rental units: Havblikk, Slettastua and Sjøhytta

Common to all holiday houses and cottages is a high level of equipment. Each unit has another 2 to 4 bedrooms, comfortable double beds and bunk beds, washer and dryer, large fridge and freezer, TV with satellite television, radio, microwave, coffee maker, utensils and pots, in addition to a complete set of bed linen, duvets, pillows and towels. All you need to bring are personal hygiene items and consumer goods.

Senja – The Midnight Sun Homeland

The late evening and night cozy comfort, however, is usually done outdoors, where the midnight sun and fresh Senja sea air can be enjoyed either on the large balconies with panoramic views over the sea and watching the boats passing by, or on the beach with fire and grilling sausages.

Garden furniture and barbecue are also on every house and cottage unit.

In the morning there is a real pleasure just going out on the porch with your morning coffee and let the day come while you look forward for today’s fishing or explore by boat or on foot along the shore in the mountains. After an active day it is nice to get back to the house or cabin that’s more than just a simple shelter with hot plate and bed space!

Welcome to an unforgettable vacation on Senja with ocean fishing at All in One Vacation.

Please contact us if you have any questions, or book your holiday today.

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4 Responses to “Rent a house or cabin with boat included”

  1. Werner Struyf Sier:


    We want to inform about the vacancy of the Slettastua, in July 2013, preferably the week from 06 til 13/07 or from 13/07 till 20/07.

    + fishing boat for sea fishing.

    - Are dogs allowed in the house ?

    Please send us information and quotation the renting of the house and the renting of the boat.
    (Please include picture of boat°

    Best regards




  2. Steve Cunningham Sier:

    Would some one please make contact with me regarding your holiday lodges and prices based upon 2 people including flights and a boat from London to your venue and return for possibly 5-7days

    07768. 383777


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